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A guide to undervolt Intel CPU in Linux.

Disclaimer: This process worked for me perfectly, please follow the instructions properly otherwise it might no work for you and may leave an impact to your hardware.

Try it on your own risk!

Overheating is a serious issue in gaming laptops which leads to low performance or may cause laptop to shutdown especially during gaming sessions which consumes CPU and GPU in huge amount.

In my case: When I purchased my laptop it was working fine but when I started playing games on it, it was facing thermal throttling (reducing CPU or…

Welcome guys! If you are a programmer then you must have heard about Sublime Text “sophisticated text editor for coding”. It’s so popular because it is highly configurable, extremely lightweight, and has a sleek and beautiful design.

This setup will save your time and make you able to focus only on the problem rather than focusing on other things. It is preferred to have some kind of template to save time during online contests.

Hoping that you have already installed Sublime Text 3.

Now, lets get Started!

Setup Input and Output window

We all have to paste that same input to console again and again…

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